Choosing the Perfect Carriage

We have several carriages and turnouts to choose from depending on the type and style of your upcoming event. We cordially invite you to our farm to inspect our carriages and to meet our horses and ponies. Please contact us for a appointment, we promise they are even more spectacular in person!

Our horse-drawn carriages are truly top of the line! They are hand crafted by superb carriage makers from the United States, Holland, Poland and Great Britain and are custom built to perfection. It takes several months to build a carriage to our specifications. The cost of each of our horse and carriage ensembles can exceed the price of most new automobile’s.

Dedication and Time.  Many hours of unseen work goes into preparing your horse-drawn carriage from Wind Chase Farm. Days and even weeks of preparation go into ensuring you a safe and enjoyable experience with a horse and carriage that arrives at your event in flawless and impeccable condition. Carriages and harness must be polished and cleaned, and the horses and ponies must be meticulously bathed and groomed. Our Carriages are never abused by the wear and tear of nightly rides and tours.  Wind Chase Carriages are stored in our climate controlled carriage house between special events.  They are kept immaculately clean and in perfect repair. As we say, they are truly fit for a queen!

Give us a call at 772-285-3480 to discuss your requirements and confirm any special requests and custom tailored decorations. We can email you a brochure explaining our customizable event packages and if your ready Reserve you Carriage now!

NEW! Our custom designed Cinderella Coach has arrived to Wind Chase Farm! We are already booking dates! More details and photos to come!


Our Luxurious European Landau : A landau is a coachbuilding term for a type of four-wheeled, convertible carriage.[2]  It was a city carriage of luxury type. The low shell of the landau made for maximum visibility of the occupants and their clothing, a feature that makes a landau still a popular choice for ceremonial occasions. The top can be kept closed for privacy or weather or folds down for maximum visibility of the passengers.


Our Elegant American Vis-A-Vis with white folding top was handcrafted in Shipshewana Indiana to our exact specifications.  We chose this carriage for its elegant and traditional lines. It is painted in a fine burgundy with white wheels and features white patent leather dash, fenders, and a white convertible top. It is stunning with either our Black Clydesdale(s) or the White Welsh Carriage Horses. This Carriage accommodates 4 adults comfortably.

Portrait Perfect! We specifically chose this color for the carriage, Look how the Bride in her white gown stands out against the burgundy seats and carriage!  Pure Elegance!  Our Cinderella Pumpkin Top is also available to make your special day truly magical.


Our Traditional Wagonnettes are the perfect choice  for those times when everyone wants to join in on the fun! They easily accommodates 6 -8 adults. They features birds eye maple paneling, Burgundy running gear and very comfortable black button tucked seats. We have two of these carriages and they are handcrafted from Bird-In-Hand Pennsylvania and can be decorated for most any occasion including family get togethers, Birthday parties, Corporate events, Parades, and Fundraisers. In addition, these carriages are very often selected as a second carriage along with the Vis-A-Vis for large Bridal Parties.


Our Sport Phaeton is perfect for a Rustic or Country themed event. Although it has also been selected for formal events too because of its Southern Charm.  This Carriage features a deep hunter green body with straw color lining along with varnished wood dash and wheels.  It accommodates up to 3 adults ( 2 in the back and one upfront next to the driver). Its a perfect choice for intimate events including marriage proposals, weddings, private parties, and photo shoots. It has also been featured in several parades and has delivered several VIP’s to social events!


The Bennington Phaeton is well suited for formal events when a Big WOW factor is desired. This carriage was built in Great Britain according to our specifications. It accommodates up to 2 adults and is pulled by our pair (2), unicorn(3), or team of 4 white carriage horses. It has been used for private parties, weddings, parades, and holiday displays. It is Black with Silver lining and formal silver lamps. Your entrance will be grand no doubt!


Our 2 wheel Flower Cart was also handcrafted in Great Britain. It is painted in Deep Coach Green and has a natural wood dash and black seat. Its arrives to your event covered in flowers, ribbons and bows and is suitable for Birthday parties, parades,  and weddings.  It is a perfect option for smaller venues like Botanical gardens. We have also had this cart selected for a very young princess and several flower girls. A formally attired driver is included as always and it is pulled by one or two of our lovely white carriage horses or a stunning white unicorn.  Colors of decorations can personalized.


NEW! Our antique glass enclosed horse-drawn Hearse is beautifully sophisticated. This recently restored antique hearse is beautifully presented with our exquisite horses. More photos coming soon!


Please contact us with any questions, we specialize in thinking outside the box! Let our team create a one-of-a-kind horse-drawn experience for your next event! 772-285-3480 or Reserve you Carriage now! or Check out our Horses!


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