In the Victorian times, no funeral was complete without a ceremony of horses wearing ostrich plumes and elaborate Horse Drawn Hearse’s. Dependant upon an elaborate funeral in the late 1800’s would consist of a horse drawn hearse hitched to four black horses wearing plumes of ostrich feathers and velvet drapes to cover the horses.  Traditionally black carriages and black horses wearing black plumes were used for an adult funeral and white horses wearing white plumes were used for the funeral of children and youths. By the 19th century, wooden hearses were becoming more elaborate with intricately carved flowers, doves and scrolls, and heavy velvet draperies hung on both sides of the carriage. Hearses were usually crafted from mahogany wood. In 1850, Crane, Breed & Company of Cincinnati began producing metal caskets. Four years later the company was also building horse-drawn hearses. Into the mid 1900’s an ever declining number of funeral directors continued using horse drawn hearses and were virtually replaced by the motor powered hearses we see so much of today.  Their death finally came in the 1950’s when many horse drawn hearses were scrapped, others were moth-balled in barns or few went to collectors or museums. In 1984 a London Funeral Director’s reintroduced them.  Even now 100 years later the elegance and style of a horse drawn funeral precession still make heads turn.

Wind Chase Farm offers two different options. Our open hearse allows the casket to be draped with a flag, the perfect choice for military funerals. Or our elegant glass enclosed hearse. Either can be pulled by our stunning black and white Clydesdale horses.  The glass enclosed hearse can be pulled by our white carriage horses as well.

Our Driver and footman have extensive knowledge, world class training, and experience. Our horses have been well trained to stand quietly and are very good in automobile traffic.

Our Gold Medal Service and exquisite horses and carriages are guaranteed to impress!

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