We would like to cordially invite you to Wind Chase Farm to visit our horses and carriage collection by appointment.

We want you to rest assured that what you see on our website is what is going to show up at your special occasion!  We personally own and care for every horse and carriage you see on our website.  They are even more spectacular in person!  Each of our thirteen horses have been very carefully selected and trained as to adopt the perfect temperament and elegant movement, so as to achieve the maximum wow factor! Please call 772-285-3480 to schedule a time to visit our farm or contact us now!

Visit Wind Chase Farm

Visit Wind Chase Farm



IMG_8085Meet “Carlo”, he is now back to Wind Chase Farm after a successful ridden dressage career.  Carlo is a Schweres warmblood that Team Wind Chase imported from Germany to the USA as a 3 year old. He was driven competitively with top awards through FEI and was even shortlisted to represent the USA at the single horse World Championships in Poland.  He then went off to perform dressage through Prix St George level. Now back at Wind Chase Farm, Carlo is getting legged up for the upcoming season and is extremely handsome put to our classic vis a vis carriage. More pictures coming soon!


Meet “Sophia”  she is a valuable member of  our Wind Chase Farm Team. “Sophia” is a stunning pure white Lippizzan X Gypsy Vanner cross mare. She already has good riding skills and we will be teaching her to drive over the summer months. “Sophia” loves people, is very brave, and has impeccable manners which makes her a perfect choice for Baraat Celebrations. Look for her at several upcoming special events! The name Sophia comes from the Greek word “Sophos” meaning wisdom.


“Maya” joined Wind Chase Farm in 2015 after a long career as a successful dressage horse. She is a beautiful pure white Spanish Norman Horse. She loves peppermints and a good scratch! She has unbelievably good manners which makes her a perfect choice for Baraat Celebrations. In Buddhism, Maya is the name of Gautama Buddha’s mother.[7] In Hinduism, Maya is also an epithet for goddess,[8]and the name of a manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of “wealth, prosperity and love”.  

Our Majestic Clydesdales: We acquired Bonnie in August on 2013. Her previous job as a stay at home mom had been very successful and she was ready to get back to her own career. Her relaxed disposition and ease in trainability are immensely apparent. Bonnie has a huge heart and loves people! She always wants to be a part of the party! Her beautiful shiny black coat, defining white blaze and fluffy feathered legs ensure a grand arrival not to be forgotten. Bonnie is a joy to handle in every way. She is truly one special horse for your very special day!


Our next addition to Wind Chase Farm is a lovely 8 year old named Lily. Lily was born in Wisconsin, she has had one foal and is now one of our top performance horses. She is a stunning black Clydesdale as well and she is a perfect match to Bonnie and we are very excited to get them hitched together!

Bonnie and Lily as a Pair:


And then there are our fabulous Gold Medal Wind Chase Welsh Carriage Horses : For those dreaming of a fairytale event, a pair of white welsh carriage horses are a perfect choice! Rambo, Jazz, Clouds, Court, and Patrick are longtime residents here at Wind Chase Farm.  They have competed at the upper levels in the sport of Combined Driving and yet are perfect examples of the welsh breeds true versatility when they arrive at any special event. They are super good natured and love children of all ages!

When you looking for pure elegance, look no further. Our 2015 Gold Medal Wind Chase team will deliver you in World Class style and is sure to please. Each horse will be impeccably groomed, braided, and in full formal turnout. Two attendants and your formal attired driver will ensure that your grand entrance is one no one will forget. (limited engagements please call for more details) Wind Chase Farm is the only carriage company in the state of Florida that offers a team of four white horses and Cinderella Coach outside the grounds of Disney World.


For our fellow animal lovers…our equine veterinarians and highly respected farriers praise the condition and care each and everyone of them receives. These licensed Professionals are among our many references.

Please call 772-285-3480 or Reserve your carriage now! or Check out our Carriages!


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