Frequently Asked Questions

It is a bit daunting making a choice between all the carriages and horses, you can pretty much pick any horse(s) to go with any carriage, but you do need to think about distance and time it’ll take to travel to the venue. We realise you need as much information as possible, so here’s a few Frequently Asked Questions to answer some of the most common questions.

How far ahead do I need to book? To insure that you get the date and carriage that you want, you should book as soon as you have set your date and venue. Generally at least 12 weeks ahead is recommended however, always call or e-mail in case we have a cancellation and are available on your date.

What area do you serve? We serve all of Central and South Florida.

Are you insured?  YES! we have all the necessary licenses and liability coverage. All documents can be seen on request

Do we need special permits? Generally No. The horse and carriage has the same “rights” to the road as any other vehicle. If you are having an event within a homeowners association, you should check with them to see if you require a permit. Some City limits also require a special event permit. We are happy to assist you with this process.

How do you price Wind Chase horse-drawn carriage services?   The cost of your horse-drawn carriage service depends on the distance we have to travel to your event, how long you want a carriage, and the actual number of carriages and horses you request. We use a mapping service as our mileage calculator. Before you phone, it’s a good idea to have the actual addresses of where the carriage will be picking you up, and dropping you off. After receiving a deposit on your contract we pre-drive your route in a car to scope out where to park our very large truck and trailer we transport everything with, and also to check for any possible traffic conflicts for a horse-drawn, slow moving vehicle. Most Wind Chase carriage services easily fit into our 2 hour miminum rental. The price for one horse-drawn carriage for a couple of hours, within 30 miles of us fall into the $600 dollar range. Your quote will be for a total agreed cost as our prices always include all travel time, fuel, mileage, set up, and your professional carriage service. Please call us for an exact quote. Discounts are available for extended time events like festivals, corporate functions, black tie affairs etc. Please call us to discuss your plans and our availability.

What about safety? Our Service is always top of the line and even includes an extra trip to your venue prior to your event. Once your event is booked, we leave the horse at home and use our car to pre-drive each and every job. From pick up point to drop off location and any stops in between. We do this to ensure that the proposed route is a safe one for a slow moving vehicle.  While most routes are fine, when we see an area where we feel there is some concern we look for an alternate route and promptly discuss any proposed changes with you. We feel so strongly about the added safety a pre-inspection of a carriage route adds that it is always included as part of your total service at no additional charge. You will also be happy to know that we enjoy a perfect safety record.

How far can we travel in the carriage? Whether you want to make a grand entrance and/or a unforgettable exit, our horse-drawn carriage services generally provide about a thirty to forty-five minute carriage ride which covers approximately 2-3 miles. This is a perfect time for a few private moments for the newly Married Couple. If the reception is further then a carriage ride, we can take you to a waiting car or limo after the carriage ride. In addition, we can also offer rides for your guests at the reception location if desired. Our goal is to make your event unforgettable, and we will try to accommodate your requests.

When does my time start? Your time with the horse and carriage begins when we arrive at the time and destination requested on your contract. ( our set-up and take down time is not part of your service time)

What about rain or cancellations? A light sprinkle is not a problem. However, heavy rain, wind, lightening, etc. can be cause for concern, generally we will allow up to 45 minutes for the weather to clear, as Florida weather rarely lasts very long. A 100% refund is guaranteed if we cancel due to weather or unforeseen situations.

What about gratuities? Although gratuities are greatly appreciated by the driver, they are between you and the driver and are not included in the price quotes.

Do you offer different types of carriages? Yes, We offer several different types of carriages from our collection. Our Special Event Carriages are kept in meticulous condition and are not used for nightly rides or tours. All of our carriages are stored in a climate controlled carriage house between outings. Your Wind Chase horse-drawn carriage will never arrive dirty or in bad repair.

Do you own your own horses? YES! All carriages and horses are owned by Wind Chase Farm and we do not subcontract any work out to other companies, all carriages and horses can be viewed at our premises by appointment.

What about the Coachmen? All of our coachmen are very experienced and have not only driven carriages for special events but have also driven horses and ponies to the top levels in competition arenas through out the USA.

What other events can I hire you for? We can offer horses, unicorn(s), and carriage for all events, Santa’s arrivals, company promotion and advertising, restaurant openings, parades, birthdays, princess parties, filming the list is endless, if you do not see what you require please ask I’m sure we will be able to accommodate.

Can the carriages go on the beach? We do not use our carriages on the beach as the horses have a hard time pulling in the sand due to the narrow wheels on the carriages.

Can alcohol be served in the carriage? Florida law prohibits the serving of alcohol as the carriage comes under the open container law.

How does the horse and carriage get to my event? Both the horse(s) and the carriage are transported by truck & trailer to your event, and then hitched up on-site.

Will the camera flash scare the horses? Our horses are not scared by the flash of a camera. They have their pictures taken frequently and enjoy the attention.

Do you always have a driver and attendant? We always arrive with both a driver and a attendant with a single or team of horse(s).  The attendant, also called a footman, is  formally dressed and stays with the horses head during all loading and unloading of passengers.  The Four-in-hand team requires 2 attendants. The attendant(s) is in addition to your formally dressed Driver who handles the reins. The attendant(s) offer additional safety and is always provided as part of your service for no additional charge. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: (772) 285-3480 or Reserve your Carriage now!

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